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Преподаватель: Tef Bob

Опубликовано:  2008-06-09
Страна:  Алжир
Регион:  center
Город:  Relizane

Преподаю:  Английский язык
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Специализация:  general
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I am a teacher of English as a foreign languge. I teach teenagers, especially non-native speakers (Arabic/French speaking kids)

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I teach non native speakers. From the first level to the adults who would like to imщprove their English language.

I am a first year English language student at the university of laghouat. and I need to improve my pronunciation.

Hi,i am an Algerian student and drilling engeneer i am working at Sonatrach company, now i want to speak english and understand the native speakers. can you help me sincerly, Billel

I want to improve my english skills I'm a student et the university

HI, I am from Algeria,Algiers and I am computer engineer. I really want to improve my english speaking and writing. Can you give me a hand "MANSOUR",I'll appreciate your help.

Great pleasure to meet all colleagues would like to improve their levels in all subjects especially English as well as other foreign languages .I appreciate the efforts done by our closed colleagues to improve our friends' levels all over the world to make our voices be received by every one as well .You are welcome and be welcome .remember that "the brighter you are the more you have to learn ." El-Hafed Nanacha .I am Algerian .I have been teaching for more then 12 years ,dealing with graduate students .I keen on Class exams and its philosophy as well as Grammar .

hello, i am a postgraduate student i allowed myself to have a look on the messages sent to this section.i realised that we are in desperate need of starting systematic efforts to respond to the needs of EFL learners in Algeria.therefore, i suggest for those intersted to open an Algerian online forum. in such a space, we can meet to share our experiences and materials and interact around the clock. i think that it is high time for such a project to be launched. Algerian

I'm a student learning English and I'm in a desperate need for help in order to improve my level of English.so,please help me doing so by any means you can.



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