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Преподаватель: Alessandro Ardovini

Опубликовано:  2010-04-28
Страна:  Канада
Регион:  Британская Колумбия
Город:  Норт-Ванкувер

Преподаю:  Итальянский язык
Опыт преподавания:  4
Специализация:  speaking, listening, reading, writing, group activities
Говорю на языках:  Italian, English, Spanish, French, Slovak

I have been teaching Italian for almost 4 years and have a degree in Foreign languages and literature from the university of Rome “Sapienza”. I have worked at language schools and given private and semi-private classes to people of varied ages, backgrounds and levels. When I worked as an Italian assistant at Marian College (a high school) in Myrtleford, Victoria, Australia, I gained experience teaching teen-aged youth and learned how to teach a class in an English-speaking environment. Then, while working as a volunteer in Rome, teaching basic Italian to immigrants, I was exposed to teaching groups of people of varied levels of Italian and different ethnic backgrounds. I was also challenged by not having a common language (such as English) in which to communicate. When I was in Seville, Spain, I gave private and semi-private classes. Now that I am living in Vancouver, I am strengthening all the skills by teaching both group and semi-private classes to English speakers as well as kids. While at University, I completed two courses on teaching techniques. After Uni, I did a 40 hour course in a language academy and I learned specific techniques for teaching Italian as a 2L or FL.

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