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Преподаватель: Mister Don

Опубликовано:  2013-01-13
Страна:  Узбекистан
Регион:  Ташкентская обл.
Город:  Ташкент
Адрес:  Metro Oybek

Преподаю:  Английский язык
Опыт преподавания:  7
Специализация:  TOEFL, IELTS, Разговорный
Говорю на языках:  English
Skype:  obuchayuamerikanskomu
Телефон: +998903552432

For those who care how they sound and what they say in English! I have opened up English language courses in the center of Tashkent, that take place in a modern office building! If you want to stand apart in class, and show some really good skills in the English language! Join and take advantage of the natural ways of using it, and I mean, the natural flow or the right pronunciation of words and many more to push you closer to sounding like a native speaker! Once enrolled, you will be thrilled to keep it going! Whether you attend MDIS or Westminster, you will learn a lot from Don by taking extra courses as he is a bilingual, which in turn will give you an advantage over others! I can help with anything you come up with, be it an essay or a test. If you have a job that requires you to use English, I can help you big time! You will greatly benefit from the atmosphere that I can create! It is not the barrier that you think you need to overcome, it is the confidence in conversation that you are lacking. And I, here, promise you that I will impart it to you. Besides, you will join a lively and ambitious community of folks from all spheres of professions who will always encourage you! Do

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